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About Capesso

Eamus Halpin

Chairman, CEO and Business Analyst - with the strategic vision and commercial acumen to shape, direct and optimise the market share and profitability of £MM Plcs, and drive Group and Subsidiary businesses to EBIT and EBITDA targets in challenging, intensely competitive European markets. Particularly successful in winning new business, spearheading M&As, and driving organisational change, CRM and retention initiatives in the technology industry.

Extensive knowledge of shareholder approval, corporate acquisition/disposal, due diligence, SPA/BPA and Disclosure processes, IFRS, UK and US GAAP. Author of numerous shareholder circulars and RNS statements, and implementer of >50 individual accounting solutions at national and international level.

Entrepreneurial, versatile and influential, skilled in managing the impact of recession, raising capital, engaging executive management colleagues, clients and alliance partners, and promoting openness, innovation, involvement and teamwork.

Mike Northall

Mike was CEO and co-founder of CSF Group plc. The company was formed in 1990 and went on to generate revenues of over £ 50 million. Mike led the sale of CSF Solutions to a South African competitor in 2006 and then led the negotiations for CSF Managed Services to become part of the Cantono Group.

Prior to setting up CSF, Mike worked for IBM as a Systems Engineer and for Atlantic International Brokerage Ltd, where he was Country Manager.

Mike takes a keen interest in sport.

Ian Williams

Ian Williams has worked in the IT industry for over 29 years. A significant proportion of this time has been spent working for both Midland Bank plc and Cellnet plc, supporting business critical systems. He was also a systems architect for Cellnet plc, designing second-generation billing engines and network mediation devices, gaining both operational and project management experience.

Ian was a founder member of the services division within CSF and helped build that division from inception. Currently Ian is responsible for all research and development activity within Cantono, and is building the company’s portfolio of solutions.